Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That ever important evening gown choice!!

As I am sitting here realizing I only have a few more months as Mrs. America (sad but excited for the next woman who is chosen with the honor of representing us married women of AMERICA!!)I thought I would post a few photos of my decision making process of my Mrs. World gown. I won the title of Mrs. America in a Stephen Yearick gown and I think the dresses that Leigh Price (designer for Stephen Yearick and YSA Makino) designs can truly be described as "evening" gowns. It was a no brainer for me to work with him for my Mrs. World gown. He will also be assisting me in my gown decision (along with Holly Ernst and Sarah Moses http://www.pageantshop.netmy"power team") that I will be wearing when I crown Mrs. America 2011. The gown choice this time around will be even more important to me because I will be 6 weeks post-partem! The gowns below are the ones that made the cut for Mrs. World before we ultimately chose the purple with "feather-ish" bottom. We knew it needed to be something that had HUGE presence on stage because the stage at Mrs. World was enormous. In fact I thought about doing an interval workout while at Mrs. world on stage during rehearsals. Then I realized that would be weird (yes, us runners are a different breed :)) (above) me with Leigh Price

(above) this black gown was the runner-up!! It was a very tough decision!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mrs World Official photos

The beautiful Mrs. Russia Victoria Radochinskaya is announced as Mrs. World 2009. I was named 1st-runner up! What an honor!!!!

Answering the final question "why should the judges choose you to be Mrs. World?"
Dr. Joe Klemczewski is my nutritionist that helped me get ready for Mrs World and Mrs. America. He is phenomenal as a person and a nutritionist. and He helps me with my nutrition when I compete for triathlons (which helped me to qualify for Team USA 2010 2 weeks before Mrs. America) and prepares me for swimsuit competition on stage. I am so thankful for all of his help. Although I must say the night before this shoot I cheated a bit on my dessert, and when I woke up only to find out there was a swimsuit shoot I thought....oh dear!!! I better arch that back a little more in the photos to help disguise the extra goodies from the night before. :)

Former Mrs. America 2005 Julie Love Templeton was in Vietnam to watch the Mrs. World competition!!

1st day in Vietnam at the airport

My precious family at the Mrs. World final competition

Top 3 with the MCsTop 6 with MCs

Announcement that I had made top 6 whoo hoo!!
My custom made dress was by Leigh Price for Stephen Yearick Designs. I ADORE this dress and I felt so beautiful when I had it on. I am convinced I had the most beautiful gown in the "World" at the competition. I am so thankful for this gown because Leigh went out of his way to make sure it was perfect for stage and arrived on time!! Sarah Moses of the pageant shop in minnesota worked with Leigh to get this gown ready for me. I am so blessed!!!!

Top 5 of Vietnamese Traditional Dress competition

My wonderful husband, my mom and my two children. Didn't know but at the time I was also pregnant with our 3rd child at the time!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Ever High School Triathlon Club!!

A new High School Triathlon Club has started up in St. Charles, MO county. I was honored to be a part of their kick-off meeting. It is a wonderful organization that welcomes ALL high school athletes not just the stars of the team! If you didn't make the softball/soccer/basketball etc..teams this year...pick your head up and stay active! This is a GREAT way to stay healthy and active. Triathlons are rewarding, not only physically but also mentally! Information about the Club:
This is a NEW Club designed for
High-School Students who:
Have NO experience
Have Never completed a Triathlon
Have completed a Triathlon
Want to start living a healthier life
Want to make some New Friends
Would like to Shape up for summer
Are interested in doing a Local
Short/Sprint Distance Triathlon
Group Training 2 days a week

For More information contact
Happy Training!!! And I would love to see you out on the course

St. Patrick's Day parade Grand Marshall

Cottleville, MO St. Patrick's Day Parade was a HUGE success even if it was cold and rainy!!! I had the pleasure to serve as Grand Marshall and Kylie and JD were so excited to be in the parade. The crowd was incredible!! The kids said they would rather watch the parade next time. I think they realized that it is more fun to catch and receive the candy than it is to throw it out!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

KFNS 590 Sports Talk

If you have ever been through St. Louis then you know KFNS sports radio is the favorite of many sports fans. KFNS sportstalk radio is a sponsor of the Cottleville St. Patricks Day parade. I am honored to be serving as Grand Marshall of the parade on March 13th.

Photo below with Deandre "the bull" Latimore a St. Louis boxing great! With Kevin Smith a lifelong family friend and St. Patrick's Day parade organizer

With Cardinal Cowboy!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Appearances as Mrs. America

My year has been filled with so many AWESOME experiences, I have enjoyed them all so much! And now that my morning sickness has finally calmed down (halfway through my pregnancy...geez you would think it would be easier the 3rd time around!) I am enjoying them a bit more!!!I presented the game ball at the Chicago Bulls game and got to hang out with Bob Love and even the great Paul Pierce! I was also a speaker at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Celebrities and Friends dinner. Some of the greatest St. Louis Cardinals players were there 2 of the photos below with me in the blue dress are with Rick Horton and Lou Brock! Wow, I am always star struck around great athletes :) Also one of my favorite mornings as Mrs. America was spent with the Esprit softball team of St. Louis. I spoke to them about being proud to be an athlete and still fitting in as a "girly" girl. It's a tough thing when your young. If you are a mother watching your daughter go through it or you have gone through it yourself you know what I mean.